Why Choose Us

Healthier Smiles, Happier Lives

As an individual, you have specific dental goals and concerns. You need a dentist and dental practice that respect your unique situation and tailor care to ensure a treatment experience — and results — that have you smiling.

At Smiles for RVA, we offer leading-edge dentistry combined with personal, caring service. We strive to make sure every visit is comfortable and affordable, and helps you achieve the beautifully healthy smile you deserve!

Dentistry, for Dr. David Kemler and our team, is about caring for each patient as a person. We love building lasting connections with those in our care and look forward to being your partners as you achieve a healthier mouth, healthier body, and healthier smile!

Why Choose Smiles for RVA?

  • We genuinely care about our patients as people. You will never feel like a tooth we’re working on or a number on a chart. Instead, we’ll welcome you by name and with happy smiles, remember our last conversation, and look forward to your visits as time with a friend!
  • We are patient-centered in everything we do. We’ll always listen to you, respect your desires and concerns, and make sure you understand your clinical situation. We’ll walk you through all procedures and options, answer your questions, and make sure you have all the information needed to make informed decisions about treatment.
  • We know that oral health cannot be separated from overall health. Instead of treating just your teeth, we’ll help you develop stronger home dental hygiene, teach you about nutrition, and support you as you establish healthier habits. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients take control of their smile’s health and their body’s wellness!
  • Everyone in our practice is passionate about oral health. We pursue continuing education on a regular basis, so we’re current on the newest dental treatments, technology, and options. Based on our studies, we choose only the best for our practice!

Compassionate Care for Nervous Patients

Dr. Kemler and our team understand some people have dental anxiety and avoid seeing the dentist as long as they can. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious oral health issues that affect the body, self-esteem, and one’s quality of life.

If you’re nervous about a dental visit, we’d like to meet and talk with you, and develop a plan that meets your dental needs and your comfort.

Schedule a Visit

Please contact our Richmond, VA dental office and schedule a visit for a loved one or yourself today. We all look forward to meeting you and becoming your partners as you achieve a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles!

A few kind words

  • “Dr. Kemler and his staff are wonderful. I had just moved to Richmond. I was in a severe car accident over the weekend and broke parts of my front teeth. Starting my new job on Tuesday. I called Kemler’s office because it was close and listed on my insurance. I will be honest; I didn’t expect anything but to be turned away. I was worked in throughout the day on Monday. I wasn’t tricked into doing more than I needed. I sure would have because I was desperate. I had a paper quote to review about procedure and pricing. I was informed on everything and hugged anyone I could when I was leaving. Best experience and they have integrity! Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!”

    ~ Renee K

  • “I’m so pleased with Dr. Kemler that I drive an hour for my dental visits. I have been doing so for years. Yes, there are dentists in my hometown, but none compare to Dr. Kemler.”

    ~ Nancy P

  • “Dear Dr. Kemler and staff, thank you so much for all that you have done to make Cameron’s experience getting his braces a great one. We appreciate all of you for your dedication to doing all that you do to meet and exceed the needs of your patients.”

    ~ Mia & Joseph

  • “Dr. David Kemler, Dentist Extraordinaire. I have been a patient of Dr. Kemler for the last 8 years. During this time, Dr. Kemler has done an exceptional job of providing me with high-quality dental services. Upon arrival, I was in desperate need of dental care. Dr. Kemler assessed the state of my teeth and provided a plan as to how we could improve my dental health. Our partnership, my daily dental care, and Dr. Kemler's dental services have significantly improved the overall health of my teeth and gums. ... When asked, 'Do you know a good dentist?', I recommend Dr. Kemler every time. Thanks, Dr. K. Keep up the good work!!!”

    ~ David M

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