Meet the Team

Danie Danie

Dental Assistant

I enjoy building relationships with patients, learning about their lives and families, and becoming their friend. I also enjoy seeing the progress of our orthodontic patients as they develop a great smile and become happier and more confident! With every patient, I work hard to make sure they have a great experience and leave pleased with what we’ve done.

I spend my day in the clinic, to assist Dr. Kemler with dental and orthodontic procedures and offer patient care. I joined Smiles for RVA in 2017 and love being part of this practice where we’re more than a team: We’re family and we care about each other and our patients.

Originally from Missouri, I moved to Williamsburg and then to Chester. I have a young son who’s always on the go and keeps my fiancé and me on our toes. I live for spending time with the ones I love.


Ellis Ellis

Dental Assistant

I look forward to coming to the office: we have a healthy work environment and it’s a great feeling to help people develop better health and stronger smiles! I enjoy talking with patients and hearing their latest stories. We become friends, and that means a lot to me.

Working in the clinic, I set up rooms, seat patients, and explain what we’ll be doing. During the procedure, I assist Dr. Kemler and, when we’re finished, offer homecare instructions and oral hygiene education. I joined Smiles for RVA in 2005 and am pleased to work with good, honest people who care about our patient family.

When I’m not working, most of my time is spent with my spouse, two children, and our two dogs. I also like working out and am a professional wrestler.


Miranda Miranda

Dental Assistant

I love watching patients open up and change their mind about things they aren’t happy with. Sometimes a patient comes in thinking their only option is to pull a hurting tooth, when, in reality, they have other options. Or when a fearful patient sees they are in good, caring hands and relaxes. I love helping patients be informed, at ease, and excited about their oral health!

I sterilize instruments, assist Dr. Kemler with procedures, and support and encourage our patients. I joined Smiles for RVA in 2016 and love walking into the office in the morning knowing I’m working alongside a group of knowledgeable, helpful people who come together to make a strong dental family.

I’ve lived in Chester my whole life and share my home with my dog, Nollie. She’s my best friend, and I spoil her more than myself! I plan on continuing my studies in the dental field, and growing, but for now I’m enjoying my time at my home away from home.




I really enjoy working with and getting to know our patients. We develop a bond over time, and I care about their lives. I love hearing how families are doing, watching generations grow up, and learning their stories.

As the Smiles for RVA manager, my goal is to make sure each patient has a great experience with our office. I present treatment plans, explain what Dr. Kemler recommends and why, and talk about options. I also verify insurance, handle billing matters, and often answer the phones, too. I’ve been with the practice since 2008 and love our warm, family-oriented environment.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my soon-to-be spouse, our two kids and our two Chihuahuas. I also love playing sports — mainly softball and dodge ball — and visit with family in Florida as often as possible.



A few kind words

  • “Dr. Kemler and his staff are wonderful. I had just moved to Richmond. I was in a severe car accident over the weekend and broke parts of my front teeth. Starting my new job on Tuesday. I called Kemler’s office because it was close and listed on my insurance. I will be honest; I didn’t expect anything but to be turned away. I was worked in throughout the day on Monday. I wasn’t tricked into doing more than I needed. I sure would have because I was desperate. I had a paper quote to review about procedure and pricing. I was informed on everything and hugged anyone I could when I was leaving. Best experience and they have integrity! Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!”

    ~ Renee K

  • “I’m so pleased with Dr. Kemler that I drive an hour for my dental visits. I have been doing so for years. Yes, there are dentists in my hometown, but none compare to Dr. Kemler.”

    ~ Nancy P

  • “Dear Dr. Kemler and staff, thank you so much for all that you have done to make Cameron’s experience getting his braces a great one. We appreciate all of you for your dedication to doing all that you do to meet and exceed the needs of your patients.”

    ~ Mia & Joseph

  • “Dr. David Kemler, Dentist Extraordinaire. I have been a patient of Dr. Kemler for the last 8 years. During this time, Dr. Kemler has done an exceptional job of providing me with high-quality dental services. Upon arrival, I was in desperate need of dental care. Dr. Kemler assessed the state of my teeth and provided a plan as to how we could improve my dental health. Our partnership, my daily dental care, and Dr. Kemler's dental services have significantly improved the overall health of my teeth and gums. ... When asked, 'Do you know a good dentist?', I recommend Dr. Kemler every time. Thanks, Dr. K. Keep up the good work!!!”

    ~ David M

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