Meet Dr. David Kemler

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Lives

I love being a dentist. Every day I have the opportunity to help people while learning their stories and building a connection that goes beyond healthcare provider and patient. I care about my patients as people and want only the best for them in their lives.

I’m passionate about health and helping people understand how what happens in the body affects oral health and vice versa. That interconnectedness is key to a person taking steps that improve their quality of life and the enjoyment they experience on a daily basis.

During visits, I talk with each patient about what’s happening in their body and their mouth. Together, we identify areas where they can make changes, whether that’s in brushing and flossing, eating healthier, or taking better care of their bodies with more exercise. I want my patients to have long, fully, healthy, and happy lives ... and a smile they love!


I attended the Medical College of Virginia for my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. It’s an exceptional and challenging program, and I finished with a solid understanding of oral health concerns and treatments, along with patient care.

However, dentistry for me is a lot more than a job. Even in my free time, I’m often reading an oral healthcare journal, studying a new technique, or researching technological advances. Each year, I complete many continuing education courses, far in excess of state requirements, and attend seminars, lectures, and conferences.

Smiles for RVA

The individuals I work with are the foundation of the practice. They are talented, have great people skills, and work to make each patient’s experience a positive one. We’ve done away with formality and stiffness. Though we do talk about dental problems, we listen harder than we talk.

Like me, my team members treat our patients as part of their families. They truly care about you and look forward to catching up during appointments.

Beyond the Office

My childhood was spent in Pittsburgh, Rochester, Philly, and even New Jersey. I was a rolling stone that stopped in Richmond and stayed for good! I first settled in The Fan and later moved to Mechanicsville to start my family.

My wife is great. She grew up in India and we met at MCV. She now works at Bon Secours Hospital in Mechanicsville. We have three amazing kids. Our oldest is in Colorado preparing to become an orthopedic surgeon. Our second is an investment banker and lives in DC. And our third is currently at UVA, planning a career in healthcare, and set to graduate in May 2018.

When I’m not in the office, I spend a lot of time learning new ways to do dentistry. I also enjoy beekeeping and cheering for the Washington Nationals.

A few kind words

  • “Dr. Kemler and his staff are wonderful. I had just moved to Richmond. I was in a severe car accident over the weekend and broke parts of my front teeth. Starting my new job on Tuesday. I called Kemler’s office because it was close and listed on my insurance. I will be honest; I didn’t expect anything but to be turned away. I was worked in throughout the day on Monday. I wasn’t tricked into doing more than I needed. I sure would have because I was desperate. I had a paper quote to review about procedure and pricing. I was informed on everything and hugged anyone I could when I was leaving. Best experience and they have integrity! Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!”

    ~ Renee K

  • “I’m so pleased with Dr. Kemler that I drive an hour for my dental visits. I have been doing so for years. Yes, there are dentists in my hometown, but none compare to Dr. Kemler.”

    ~ Nancy P

  • “Dear Dr. Kemler and staff, thank you so much for all that you have done to make Cameron’s experience getting his braces a great one. We appreciate all of you for your dedication to doing all that you do to meet and exceed the needs of your patients.”

    ~ Mia & Joseph

  • “Dr. David Kemler, Dentist Extraordinaire. I have been a patient of Dr. Kemler for the last 8 years. During this time, Dr. Kemler has done an exceptional job of providing me with high-quality dental services. Upon arrival, I was in desperate need of dental care. Dr. Kemler assessed the state of my teeth and provided a plan as to how we could improve my dental health. Our partnership, my daily dental care, and Dr. Kemler's dental services have significantly improved the overall health of my teeth and gums. ... When asked, 'Do you know a good dentist?', I recommend Dr. Kemler every time. Thanks, Dr. K. Keep up the good work!!!”

    ~ David M

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