Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to visit the Dentist if nothing is hurting?

– Does it hurt when your resting blood pressure goes up? Does it hurt when your fasting blood glucose level goes up? There are so many conditions in our body that silently worsen without it hurting. The likelihood of a person having gum disease becomes greater the longer they go without dental care. We now know that gum disease can be traced to a greater chance of stroke, or a greater likelihood of heart disease. It is a clear cut case of what you don’t know (or feel), can hurt you.

Why can’t I just pull my tooth?

– You can! And sometimes we wait so long that extraction is our only option. However, if you are given a choice between saving or extracting it, that means your saving it option is available. Saving teeth that are savable is the better option, hands down. It makes more sense biologically, it’s safer, gentler, and cheaper in the long run. Remember that we are good at recommending replacement options, but nothing is as good as your original equipment.

What is a Dental Implant?

– Typically a dental implant is a small threaded screw shaped device that is placed where a tooth use to be. After healing, they can have a tooth crown or other dental options placed on top of the implant. They are a great way to replace missing teeth.

What should I do about Bleeding Gums?

– Rarely is it good advice to ignore bleeding on any part of your body. Bleeding gums are no exception. Our body responds to infections. Tissues swell in the presence of bacteria. Tiny blood vessels become thin and porous, and white blood cells migrate out into the mouth. As we brush these tissues will bleed, often painlessly, to tell us it’s time for a dental visit.

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