Family and Cosmetic Dentist serving Richmond VA and Henrico VA

Dr. Kemler Family dentist is located in the city of Richmond Virginia near the border of Henrico County VA. Our family dental office proudly caters to your individual needs, whether you need a cosmetic procedure or a simple cleaning. We offer everything from routine dental exams to partial/full dentures. We offer complete dental care from start to finish for our patients. Using state-of-the-art equipment, trust us to enhance your smile and give you healthy teeth and gums. If you are located in Richmond, Henrico or Mechanicsville (or are willing to drive for a great dentist) then please schedule your free initial consultation with our office. During this initial visit we will discuss any concerns you have with your teeth and the goals you would like to reach and help you create an action-plan to reach those goals. We accept most major insurances (PPO’s). We also accept Humana HMO if you have the HMO dental plan.

Here are some more we accept:
+United Healthcare +United Concordia +Careington +DentaQuest
+DenteMax +GEHA +Teamsters +Tricare +Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you do not see your insurance plan on the list, please give us a call at our Office: (804) 266-7976. Our dentist may accept your insurance plan.
We also take walk-in’s if you would like to stop by and visit us at:
5954 Brook Rd
Richmond VA, 23227
(Located on the edge of Richmond and Henrico County).

Dentist Richmond VA

Type of services we offer:

General Dentistry – Here at Dr. Kemler Family Dentist we can help the Richmond VA and Henrico VA population with all types of dental care from filling cavities to fixing cracked or chipped teeth, basic and deep cleanings and more. We can match your fillings to your tooth color using advanced composite materials as well. We can help you remove plaque, whiten your smile, help you straighten your teeth and more!

Family Dentistry – Dr. Kemler is a full service family dentist. This means that we can work with toddlers, adults and seniors. Your mouth may need different treatment at different ages. You may need braces to fix a few crooked teeth or just straighten up your smile a bit. You may need a filling or a crown on your tooth or maybe it’s time for dentures. We can help the entire family!

Cosmetic Dentistry – Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. And having something “wrong” with your smile can really hurt your self-esteem. In addition to the cosmetic factor, there are health issues that go along with defects like broken or cracked teeth, missing teeth or damaged gums. We can help restore your teeth to top condition by installing Crowns, Dental bridges and snap on smiles that cover your existing teeth. Each one of these methods of smile correction is designed to look 100% natural (perfect in a lot of cases!). In addition to looking great these enhancements are also fully functional so you do not have to think twice about normal daily activities like chewing. We consider your dental health along with your appearance as well. It’s not good enough to look good, we want you to feel good too!

Dental Hygiene – It’s said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and we could not agree more! For dental prevention this means hygiene. You can help with a lot of this starting at home. Brush your teeth after sugary beverages, floss daily, etc. You also have an advantage if you are on city water (because of the fluoride added to the water). However, even with perfect dental care at home you can still have issues such as plaque build up (especially behind your lower front teeth because of the minerals that come out of your saliva glands), or you can have issues with gingivitis if you are pregnant because of hormonal changes that make you more sensitive to the bacteria. This is known as “pregnancy gingivitis”. We have dental hygienists on staff that can help by perfectly cleaning your teeth (even below the gum line). Six-month cleanings can help prevent larger issues down the road.

Teeth Whitening – Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? We can help you brighten your smile and make your teeth several shades lighter in a couple different ways. We can custom make a mold of your mouth and send this mold off to a lab to create a bleaching tray that you can use to apply whitening gel at home (that we provide) or you can take home an at-home teeth whitening kit that is ready to go.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – You may know that you need to get your wisdom teeth out because you are having a lot of pain but did you know that if you do not get your wisdom teeth removed that you can actually damage your other teeth? This is especially true if your molars are impacted. They can push your other teeth out of alignment and into each other causing more pain and throwing off your teeth alignment (and bite alignment too). They can also get infected (it’s called “Pericoronitis”). Not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed though; they may just need to come in on their own. A quick X-Ray will show us what’s going on and if we need to take more action or not.

Children and Adult Braces – We have helped tons of local Richmond residents with braces. We can work with people of all ages to give them the custom braces they need. In addition to standard metal braces we also work with Invisalign. Invisalign replaces the need for metal braces by utilizing customized wearable teeth straightening inserts that slowly shift your teeth into the optimal position. As your teeth shift you are given new trays. The best part is they are hard to notice and do not stand out nearly as much as braces. They are easy to take out during things like sports games as well so there is much less risk of injury. Please note that there is a downside of Invisalign… if you are prone to losing everything you touch then you may still want to go with normal metal braces.

Dentures – If you are in need of an affordable set of custom dentures because you’re old ones don’t fit right (or maybe this is your first pair) then we can help! We will make a custom mold of your mouth. This mold will be used to create a set of perfect fitting dentures that will give you both the ability to chew comfortably and a winning smile.

Types of Insurances accepted – We accept several types of insurance including the insurances below. If you do not see your insurance on the list then please call us and we will be happy to look up your insurance provider.

Aetna Dental, Ameriplan Dental, Ameritas Group, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Careington, Carenet, Cigna, Delta Dental, Dentemax, DentaQuest, Dominion Dental, Geha Dental, Guardian, Humana, Medicaid, Metlife, Teamsters, Tricare, Unicare, United Concordia, United Healthcare and more!

*Please note that some of these insurance provides provide dental and non-dental insurance. We accept the dental portion so even if you have “Blue Cross Blue Shield” (for example), you may want to verify that you have the dental coverage with your provider.

Dental Care without insurance? – No insurance? We will work with you! – If you are looking for a dentist that will see you even if you do not have insurance then don’t worry! We understand and will work with you on reduced rates and payment plans. Do not put off a small problem that can be fixed inexpensively now because you are worried about the cost. This will often lead to larger and more expensive problems down the road. Not only will your dental issue be more expensive but you will also have to go through unnecessary pain or discomfort and wasted time you could other wise be enjoying not worrying about your teeth!